Sunday, 1 June 2008

Garden photos

Took some photos of my garden mid sort, so to speak!

Spent a long time getting the first bed weeded ready for potatoes, it is all planted up now, and we are waiting for our potatoes to grow!

The patch of grass to the front of this photo, has now been dug, weeded and had carrots and onions planted, just waiting for Alex to make a frame with some old awning poles, to protect against chickens and birds!!!

The strawberry bed is half weeded, hoping to make

time to finish this soon, will need to net this against the chickens and birds too, as it is full of strawbs just now, but won't stay that way once they ripen and the chickens get to them!

Last years potato patch was still needing weeding when this photo was taken, Lochlan has now weeded it, and it just needs dug over before adding some broccoli seeds and cauliflower and cabbage.

Hoping to have all that planted out before the end of this next week, but will probably take a bit longer, worth working on though. Started cutting the hedge around it too, so lots still to do.

(Last years potato patch is on the right of this photo)

This year will be the year of the tidy veg patch, no more neglect!!!!

Finally, we now have 3 chicks, the white hen has 2 and the black hen has one. Here are 2 pics of the white hens chicks