Sunday, 3 January 2010

I'm back!!!

I lost my password for this blog last year, I am sure I tried every combination of what it should have been, but it wouldnt let me in, but now, thankfully, it has let me in again!!!
I have just browsed through and I really enjoyed seeing my old photos, so I will keep adding to this one.
My coastal sampler is back on the agenda again, I am determined to finish it this year, (2010), that is one of my main resolutions this year. It is really getting on well, the stitching elves have been hard at work.
I'll update some photos this week, as it is great to see them after a while, and think, help, was it that long ago?!!!
I have even spotted some in here which are still on the framing shelf, which have been stitched for over 2 years, oops!
I guess framing should be on my new years resolutions list too?

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Jayden's birth card

Diane and Karl had a baby boy last week called Jayden, Vanora wanted me to make a card for her to send and she was really pleased with this one.

I still need to make one from me, hoping to find time tomorrow when I am off work

WIP Garden tools

Got the backstitch finished on these pots last night, starting on the trowel tonight! Thought this would be a really quick stitch, but taking quite a while, and the lettering was a real challenge! I had intended finishing it during September, but not going to happen I don't think lol!

Hoping to frame it and hang it in the dogs hall

Saturday, 9 August 2008

Lochlan's Porsche

Lochlan's Porsche has been on the go for some time, but kept being put back whilst I completed other things such as rr's etc, but, finally it is done, I put the finishing touches in tonight and finished it at 11pm!
The number plate was a challenge to do, as it is on a slight angle and I found positioning the letters for his name difficult, but with a couple of attempts I got it looking ok.
Now all I have to do is frame it! I have a frame matching the Subaru for it, but unfortunately used it for framing the Mr Man rr I completed some time back, so the decision is, do I take out the Mr Men and put the Porsche in, or buy two other frames and reframe the Subaru? The Subaru is a little cramped in the frame it is in, so I may just buy two frames and give them a bit more space.
Decisions! Decisions!

Saturday, 12 July 2008

Jessica's birthday card

Here is the card I made at the last minute for Jessica's birthday, I used decoupage and alphabet stickers and was really pleased with the result.

Next time I will hopefully be given more notice!

Sunday, 1 June 2008

Garden photos

Took some photos of my garden mid sort, so to speak!

Spent a long time getting the first bed weeded ready for potatoes, it is all planted up now, and we are waiting for our potatoes to grow!

The patch of grass to the front of this photo, has now been dug, weeded and had carrots and onions planted, just waiting for Alex to make a frame with some old awning poles, to protect against chickens and birds!!!

The strawberry bed is half weeded, hoping to make

time to finish this soon, will need to net this against the chickens and birds too, as it is full of strawbs just now, but won't stay that way once they ripen and the chickens get to them!

Last years potato patch was still needing weeding when this photo was taken, Lochlan has now weeded it, and it just needs dug over before adding some broccoli seeds and cauliflower and cabbage.

Hoping to have all that planted out before the end of this next week, but will probably take a bit longer, worth working on though. Started cutting the hedge around it too, so lots still to do.

(Last years potato patch is on the right of this photo)

This year will be the year of the tidy veg patch, no more neglect!!!!

Finally, we now have 3 chicks, the white hen has 2 and the black hen has one. Here are 2 pics of the white hens chicks

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Extra birthday present for Eilidh

I stitched this in one night for an extra birthday present for Eilidhs 7th birthday, which is on Friday.

It didn't take long to stitch as I didn't bother stitching the red parts! Hope she likes it, but I am sure she will.