Saturday, 9 August 2008

Lochlan's Porsche

Lochlan's Porsche has been on the go for some time, but kept being put back whilst I completed other things such as rr's etc, but, finally it is done, I put the finishing touches in tonight and finished it at 11pm!
The number plate was a challenge to do, as it is on a slight angle and I found positioning the letters for his name difficult, but with a couple of attempts I got it looking ok.
Now all I have to do is frame it! I have a frame matching the Subaru for it, but unfortunately used it for framing the Mr Man rr I completed some time back, so the decision is, do I take out the Mr Men and put the Porsche in, or buy two other frames and reframe the Subaru? The Subaru is a little cramped in the frame it is in, so I may just buy two frames and give them a bit more space.
Decisions! Decisions!