Thursday, 28 February 2008

Disney sampler nearly complete

I had 3 days off work this week due to illness, so I managed to do lots of stitching, mainly because I find it so difficult to do nothing, and everyone was telling me to 'rest'. Our laptop broke last week, so the thought of reinstalling the camera into it is a little daunting, so although I have taken a picture, I haven't got it uploaded into the computer yet, but hope to put a finished picture up this weekend.
Once that is done I need to sort out my pieces for the AOY rr I have joined, I really don't know how I am going to put the pieces together, I wanted to stitch the whole alphabet, but the pieces are huge, so it will be too big to frame and have on the wall. I am thinking of doing name plates for the kids doors and would love a house name one too, but it will take a bit of planning.

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

UFO WIP update

With only stitching this one on Saturdays, the growth is quite small, but still noticeable, I have stitched the trees around the lighthouse, and did a bit more on the seagull to the right. Hoping to be finished with this one before the end of 2008.

Update on Disney Princess sampler

Seems to have taken forever to do Sleeping Beauty, but she is finally finished, so onto Snow White now. Eilidh announced yesterday that disney princesses were ok, but she wished they were Bratz. I resisted the urge to throttle her, and am still determined to finish it. Have looked for Bratz kits for her, but not found any, but hope to start decorating her room this weekend with a strong Bratz feel, however, i think I have talked her back into Disney Princesses for now at least!