Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Jayden's birth card

Diane and Karl had a baby boy last week called Jayden, Vanora wanted me to make a card for her to send and she was really pleased with this one.

I still need to make one from me, hoping to find time tomorrow when I am off work

WIP Garden tools

Got the backstitch finished on these pots last night, starting on the trowel tonight! Thought this would be a really quick stitch, but taking quite a while, and the lettering was a real challenge! I had intended finishing it during September, but not going to happen I don't think lol!

Hoping to frame it and hang it in the dogs hall

Saturday, 9 August 2008

Lochlan's Porsche

Lochlan's Porsche has been on the go for some time, but kept being put back whilst I completed other things such as rr's etc, but, finally it is done, I put the finishing touches in tonight and finished it at 11pm!
The number plate was a challenge to do, as it is on a slight angle and I found positioning the letters for his name difficult, but with a couple of attempts I got it looking ok.
Now all I have to do is frame it! I have a frame matching the Subaru for it, but unfortunately used it for framing the Mr Man rr I completed some time back, so the decision is, do I take out the Mr Men and put the Porsche in, or buy two other frames and reframe the Subaru? The Subaru is a little cramped in the frame it is in, so I may just buy two frames and give them a bit more space.
Decisions! Decisions!

Saturday, 12 July 2008

Jessica's birthday card

Here is the card I made at the last minute for Jessica's birthday, I used decoupage and alphabet stickers and was really pleased with the result.

Next time I will hopefully be given more notice!

Sunday, 1 June 2008

Garden photos

Took some photos of my garden mid sort, so to speak!

Spent a long time getting the first bed weeded ready for potatoes, it is all planted up now, and we are waiting for our potatoes to grow!

The patch of grass to the front of this photo, has now been dug, weeded and had carrots and onions planted, just waiting for Alex to make a frame with some old awning poles, to protect against chickens and birds!!!

The strawberry bed is half weeded, hoping to make

time to finish this soon, will need to net this against the chickens and birds too, as it is full of strawbs just now, but won't stay that way once they ripen and the chickens get to them!

Last years potato patch was still needing weeding when this photo was taken, Lochlan has now weeded it, and it just needs dug over before adding some broccoli seeds and cauliflower and cabbage.

Hoping to have all that planted out before the end of this next week, but will probably take a bit longer, worth working on though. Started cutting the hedge around it too, so lots still to do.

(Last years potato patch is on the right of this photo)

This year will be the year of the tidy veg patch, no more neglect!!!!

Finally, we now have 3 chicks, the white hen has 2 and the black hen has one. Here are 2 pics of the white hens chicks

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Extra birthday present for Eilidh

I stitched this in one night for an extra birthday present for Eilidhs 7th birthday, which is on Friday.

It didn't take long to stitch as I didn't bother stitching the red parts! Hope she likes it, but I am sure she will.

Thursday, 15 May 2008

B for Sues rr

Here is the B I stitched for Sue's AOY rr. I am really enjoying this rr, especially as I have so much time at the moment due to not being at work with my foot (torn ligaments).

I should be ready to post the pictures of Poppys rr by the end of the week, as it is going so well.

Must admit it is a good feeling to have them ahead of time, as I am likely to struggle to stitch much once I am back at school. Mind you, I have joined an Initial Letter Exchange, so have plenty of stitching to do!!!!

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Squirrels return!!!

We had two squirrels at the end of last week in the garden again. We hadn't seen any for ages and were worried that the greys had seen them all off, but, first a light coloured red arrived, then a dark one. Since then we have had them both at once, but all thoughts of a romantic nature disappeared as they had a barney in the garden!!!

We are keeping an eye open for the greys, as if we spot any we must report them to the red squirrel trust to come and catch them as they pose such a threat to our native reds. The problem is that the greys carry the squirrel pox virus, which they are immune to, but it kills the reds in a matter of days. As well as that, the greys can eat food such as acorns before they are fully ripe, which the reds cannot, but the greys are eating them all before they ripen enough for the reds to eat them. It does seem a little hopeless, especially as we are being invaded by the greys from both north and south, but so far we have a stronghold. It is a bit like the times of the border reivers!!!! Mind you, we did ok in that attack.........

Letter C for Sue's AOY rr

Joined this rr so after sending mine on to Paula (Arnie) to stitch, I got started on Sue's (xstitchcrazyderby) Decided to do my initials, so started with this C which I finished this evening, Was due to be doing B next, but quite tempted to do D instead as i quite like that one.

Watch this space!!!!

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Sunday, 2 March 2008

Disney princesses finished!

I finished the princesses yesterday, and am really pleased with how they look, just need to find a frame now, and get it up on the wall, hoping to manage that at the show, if not, will make sure I get it framed before the end of March.
Have decided to stitch the whole AOY alphabet after all, but going to do it on 18 count aida, so will need to buy that at the show, good job it is next weekend!!!
Going to spend this week getting the piece for the cute and cuddly exchange stitched, would be nice to have that finished way in advance of the posting date for a change!!!
Lochlan is desperate to have me start the Ferrari to match his subaru, so will need to get that underway soon too.
Still, with the Disney princesses finished, that is another kit finished from the box, the cute and cuddly exchange will be from the box too, so that is 2 kits done. Would be great if I hadn't just bought 2 kits from Jenwren from the forum!

Thursday, 28 February 2008

Disney sampler nearly complete

I had 3 days off work this week due to illness, so I managed to do lots of stitching, mainly because I find it so difficult to do nothing, and everyone was telling me to 'rest'. Our laptop broke last week, so the thought of reinstalling the camera into it is a little daunting, so although I have taken a picture, I haven't got it uploaded into the computer yet, but hope to put a finished picture up this weekend.
Once that is done I need to sort out my pieces for the AOY rr I have joined, I really don't know how I am going to put the pieces together, I wanted to stitch the whole alphabet, but the pieces are huge, so it will be too big to frame and have on the wall. I am thinking of doing name plates for the kids doors and would love a house name one too, but it will take a bit of planning.

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

UFO WIP update

With only stitching this one on Saturdays, the growth is quite small, but still noticeable, I have stitched the trees around the lighthouse, and did a bit more on the seagull to the right. Hoping to be finished with this one before the end of 2008.

Update on Disney Princess sampler

Seems to have taken forever to do Sleeping Beauty, but she is finally finished, so onto Snow White now. Eilidh announced yesterday that disney princesses were ok, but she wished they were Bratz. I resisted the urge to throttle her, and am still determined to finish it. Have looked for Bratz kits for her, but not found any, but hope to start decorating her room this weekend with a strong Bratz feel, however, i think I have talked her back into Disney Princesses for now at least!

Monday, 14 January 2008


Here is a photo of the UFO I am stitching on Saturdays only. The colours are fabulous, and I really hope to finish it this year, although with only stitching on it on Saturdays, it will be slow progress.

Over the last 2 saturdays I have been working on the sky, which I have now finished, so not sure which bit I will work on next, possibly the bottom of the lighthouse.

The princesses are growing slowly too, there has been so much going on recently I just don't get as much time to stitch as I had. Mind you, I have noticed a slow down in my stitching rate since I got back on the internet!!!

Saturday, 12 January 2008

Can you help me?

To the right of my posts I have my 'blogs which I visit' space. I currently have the web addy of the blogs which I like, problem is, when I click on them, I don't get redirected. I have noticed other blogs just have the name of the blog, which acts as a navigator. How do you do this???

Friday, 4 January 2008

New Years Resolutions

I really shouldn't make these, but here goes
1. To lose weight (isn't that everyones?) I want to get down below 11 stone
2. To have 'ufo Saturdays' where I put the current project to one side and work on a ufo
3. To reduce the number of kits in my box. (by stitching them lol)
4. As a family, we aim to reduce, reuse and recycle as much as possible

Wonder if I will manage it?

Wip, Pretty as a princess

Started this one for Eilidh, it was one from my box of kits, so I guess I will have less in my box by the end of the year, so long as I don't buy any more of course!!!

It has stitched up really quickly, helped along with the lack of internet, I am sure that now I have the internet again I will slow down a bit.

I have decided to make Saturday my ufo Saturday, when i pick up another piece of stitching or knitting not the piece I have worked on all week, so tomorrow I will pick up my coastal sampler again. It kind of got put on the back burner, although I have enjoyed stitching it, I guess it just got overtaken with other projects. However, i will photograph it and add it into here. There should be 52 Saturdays in this year, so I may even have it finished this year too, then the only ufo will be my wedding bouquet, which is a nightmare to stitch as it is all one stitch here and 2 stitches there, but it will be good to see progress in both of these projects.

Looking forward to finishing Eilidhs Disney princesses though, she is desperate to see it on the wall

Subaru finished

Well, our internet access went down the day before Christmas eve, and didn't come back on until today, so with all that time in the evening to fill without any internet, and being on holiday so being able to stitch well into the night, I finished the Subaru for Lochlan. i managed to stitch his name on the top of the window, and he is thrilled with it.

I think I will get this one properly framed as I want it in a navy blue frame for his room, I also want a proper mount for it, but I will have to see how much it will cost.

Finished Mums Ducklings!

I finished Mums Ducklings in time for Christmas (just) unfortunately I didn't get them framed until New year, but I am sure she will love them.

That is now a set of 4, and they have been on the go now for quite some time inbetween other things, so I am very glad to have them all finished, I just hope she hangs them on the wall now that she has the whole set!