Sunday, 2 March 2008

Disney princesses finished!

I finished the princesses yesterday, and am really pleased with how they look, just need to find a frame now, and get it up on the wall, hoping to manage that at the show, if not, will make sure I get it framed before the end of March.
Have decided to stitch the whole AOY alphabet after all, but going to do it on 18 count aida, so will need to buy that at the show, good job it is next weekend!!!
Going to spend this week getting the piece for the cute and cuddly exchange stitched, would be nice to have that finished way in advance of the posting date for a change!!!
Lochlan is desperate to have me start the Ferrari to match his subaru, so will need to get that underway soon too.
Still, with the Disney princesses finished, that is another kit finished from the box, the cute and cuddly exchange will be from the box too, so that is 2 kits done. Would be great if I hadn't just bought 2 kits from Jenwren from the forum!