Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Squirrels return!!!

We had two squirrels at the end of last week in the garden again. We hadn't seen any for ages and were worried that the greys had seen them all off, but, first a light coloured red arrived, then a dark one. Since then we have had them both at once, but all thoughts of a romantic nature disappeared as they had a barney in the garden!!!

We are keeping an eye open for the greys, as if we spot any we must report them to the red squirrel trust to come and catch them as they pose such a threat to our native reds. The problem is that the greys carry the squirrel pox virus, which they are immune to, but it kills the reds in a matter of days. As well as that, the greys can eat food such as acorns before they are fully ripe, which the reds cannot, but the greys are eating them all before they ripen enough for the reds to eat them. It does seem a little hopeless, especially as we are being invaded by the greys from both north and south, but so far we have a stronghold. It is a bit like the times of the border reivers!!!! Mind you, we did ok in that attack.........

Letter C for Sue's AOY rr

Joined this rr so after sending mine on to Paula (Arnie) to stitch, I got started on Sue's (xstitchcrazyderby) Decided to do my initials, so started with this C which I finished this evening, Was due to be doing B next, but quite tempted to do D instead as i quite like that one.

Watch this space!!!!

Tuesday, 22 April 2008