Sunday, 3 January 2010

I'm back!!!

I lost my password for this blog last year, I am sure I tried every combination of what it should have been, but it wouldnt let me in, but now, thankfully, it has let me in again!!!
I have just browsed through and I really enjoyed seeing my old photos, so I will keep adding to this one.
My coastal sampler is back on the agenda again, I am determined to finish it this year, (2010), that is one of my main resolutions this year. It is really getting on well, the stitching elves have been hard at work.
I'll update some photos this week, as it is great to see them after a while, and think, help, was it that long ago?!!!
I have even spotted some in here which are still on the framing shelf, which have been stitched for over 2 years, oops!
I guess framing should be on my new years resolutions list too?