Monday, 27 August 2007

Tom Mouse

I have joined Arnies Cover kits rr, there are five of us in it, this is my progress on Tom Mouse, it is the first in the link, and will remain mine. Must admit that I am not enjoying it at all as there are not enough of most of the colours to finish it, so I have had to ask Angie if she can send me any, but will have to buy some threads too as I can't possibly ask Angie to send me them all, and it is stitched in DMC, whereas I have only anchor threads. Very frustrating to have to keep stopping and moving to a different area when I run out of threads, and of course, today was a bank holiday, so the threads won't hit the post until tomorrow, not arriving until Wednesday or Thursday. Not a great help when it has to be in the post on Saturday, September 1st.

Sunday, 19 August 2007

keyring for the sale at Moffat show

Managed this for a keyring in just one evening, will add it to the stock for the sale, but not worried if it doesn't sell as will give it to Eilidh for one of her advent calendar presents instead!!!

Saturday, 18 August 2007

Bluebell bookmark 16.08.07

Managed this book mark in a couple of hours after I finished stitching the prayer, I put it in the Johnstonebridge show and it won 2nd prize!!!!

Really pleased as it was a free kit on the front of an old magazine, so used up another kit too.

very nice to win something when you have put the effort in.

Dear Lord 18th August 2007

I finally finished putting this together last night at midnight, and today it won second prize in the Johnstonebridge show!!!

A bell pull was not my first choice for it as I was going to frame it, but with just a day to go, we couldn't find a frame the right size and there was no time to get a frame made. We bought the bell pull in Stirling whilst I was up with Anne, then I had to hand stitch it together to make it up.

Now it has been in the show I need to get Alex to put a hook up in the bedroom for it.

I am really pleased with it, it was well worth all the late nights working on it!

Monday, 13 August 2007

Dear Lord, WIP Monday 13th August 2007

Today is Monday, and I have decided to include my prayer in Johnstonebridge show, which is on Saturday this week!!!

I still have a bit to do, as you can see, despite working hard on it all day!

I am out during the day tomorrow, and thursday, and Friday. Going to be some late nights stitching I think!!!!

(Not to mention all the other things I need to make, and get the kids to make, for the show too!!!)

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Wip update, prayer 8.8.07

This janlynn prayer has been on the go for ages now, as it has been picked up and put down so often.

Whilst we were away in Bisley, I took it with me and spent a little while stitching on it and it has renewed my enthusiasm to get it finished.

It's not far off now, just the last bear at the bottom to do. I hope to finish it before I go back to school on the 20th, if I can I will work on it each evening.

Unfortunately I also have other things to do!!!