Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Extra birthday present for Eilidh

I stitched this in one night for an extra birthday present for Eilidhs 7th birthday, which is on Friday.

It didn't take long to stitch as I didn't bother stitching the red parts! Hope she likes it, but I am sure she will.

Thursday, 15 May 2008

B for Sues rr

Here is the B I stitched for Sue's AOY rr. I am really enjoying this rr, especially as I have so much time at the moment due to not being at work with my foot (torn ligaments).

I should be ready to post the pictures of Poppys rr by the end of the week, as it is going so well.

Must admit it is a good feeling to have them ahead of time, as I am likely to struggle to stitch much once I am back at school. Mind you, I have joined an Initial Letter Exchange, so have plenty of stitching to do!!!!