Monday, 14 January 2008


Here is a photo of the UFO I am stitching on Saturdays only. The colours are fabulous, and I really hope to finish it this year, although with only stitching on it on Saturdays, it will be slow progress.

Over the last 2 saturdays I have been working on the sky, which I have now finished, so not sure which bit I will work on next, possibly the bottom of the lighthouse.

The princesses are growing slowly too, there has been so much going on recently I just don't get as much time to stitch as I had. Mind you, I have noticed a slow down in my stitching rate since I got back on the internet!!!

Saturday, 12 January 2008

Can you help me?

To the right of my posts I have my 'blogs which I visit' space. I currently have the web addy of the blogs which I like, problem is, when I click on them, I don't get redirected. I have noticed other blogs just have the name of the blog, which acts as a navigator. How do you do this???

Friday, 4 January 2008

New Years Resolutions

I really shouldn't make these, but here goes
1. To lose weight (isn't that everyones?) I want to get down below 11 stone
2. To have 'ufo Saturdays' where I put the current project to one side and work on a ufo
3. To reduce the number of kits in my box. (by stitching them lol)
4. As a family, we aim to reduce, reuse and recycle as much as possible

Wonder if I will manage it?

Wip, Pretty as a princess

Started this one for Eilidh, it was one from my box of kits, so I guess I will have less in my box by the end of the year, so long as I don't buy any more of course!!!

It has stitched up really quickly, helped along with the lack of internet, I am sure that now I have the internet again I will slow down a bit.

I have decided to make Saturday my ufo Saturday, when i pick up another piece of stitching or knitting not the piece I have worked on all week, so tomorrow I will pick up my coastal sampler again. It kind of got put on the back burner, although I have enjoyed stitching it, I guess it just got overtaken with other projects. However, i will photograph it and add it into here. There should be 52 Saturdays in this year, so I may even have it finished this year too, then the only ufo will be my wedding bouquet, which is a nightmare to stitch as it is all one stitch here and 2 stitches there, but it will be good to see progress in both of these projects.

Looking forward to finishing Eilidhs Disney princesses though, she is desperate to see it on the wall

Subaru finished

Well, our internet access went down the day before Christmas eve, and didn't come back on until today, so with all that time in the evening to fill without any internet, and being on holiday so being able to stitch well into the night, I finished the Subaru for Lochlan. i managed to stitch his name on the top of the window, and he is thrilled with it.

I think I will get this one properly framed as I want it in a navy blue frame for his room, I also want a proper mount for it, but I will have to see how much it will cost.

Finished Mums Ducklings!

I finished Mums Ducklings in time for Christmas (just) unfortunately I didn't get them framed until New year, but I am sure she will love them.

That is now a set of 4, and they have been on the go now for quite some time inbetween other things, so I am very glad to have them all finished, I just hope she hangs them on the wall now that she has the whole set!