Sunday, 27 May 2007

Eilidh's Birthday card from us

Of course, we also gave her a card, here is the Snow White card from Alex, Lochlan and I. She is such a Disney Princess fan it seemed the only one to do!

Eilidhs birthday cards


Wednesday was Eilidh's 6th birthday, she had a fabulous time at Dalscone with her friends, this is the card I made for her Granny and Grandad, very appropriate for Eilidh as she loves her Disney Princesses!

First baby blanket finished!!!

Finally I have finished the first of the two blankets for Heather, put in the last 3 rows this morning and cast off, just to sew in the threads, and wash it and that one is finished. Must admit, I am dreading washing it after putting all that work in, but it should be fine as it is machine washable.
Must admit I am pleased with the way it has turned out, it is quite big, but will be nice to wrap the babies in, and also to lay on the floor for them to play on too, so hopefully she will get lots of use out of it

Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Blanket continues to grow

The blanket is growing, but it is slow moving, I have had to unpick a few rows too, so there isn't much growth to see, hence no photograph!
I will take a new photo at the weekend, to show the new size.

Saturday, 5 May 2007


Here is a photo of the baby blanket I am working on for my friend Heather, she needs two of them as she is expecting twins!! this is the first one, I have nearly finished the second block, each blanket is 6.5 blocks long (Or 13 squares long) so trying to knit some each night. Can't take it out and about with me though as needs a bit of concentration with all the different stitches.

I really enjoy making the bobbles on it

Happy birthday Debbie


Yet another last minute card! This time for my sister Debbie, she seemed to like it so that was ok, used decoupage on this one, and it was quite effective. Will have her card for next year made a bit earlier than this one!

Delivered it today at the car boot sale.

Made Drew's birthday card

I don't know why I leave these things to the last minute, I had known for 2 weeks that Drew's birthday was coming up. Drew went to nursery with Eilidh, we were quite surprised to get an invite as he has moved school now, but it was nice to see him and his baby brother too, (it was a joint birthday, Alfie was 1) Nice for me as I was his nursery teacher, I like to keep in touch and see how they are all getting on
It's another sideways photo I am afraid! I will figure this out soon!

Red squirrel returned!

This morning at 8.10am the red squirrel returned to the bird feeder in the front garden, this time he feasted for 25 minutes on the peanuts from the bird feeder, wish he would figure out the squirrel feeder, it would be so much easier for him!
Had a greater spotted woodpecker too, he seems to be becoming a regular visitor now, but oddly, prefers the fat balls to anything else on offer!
Sorry about the photo, can't get it to turn round!